Diagnostic Services

Advanced, Patient-Centric Diagnostic Services

At HearUp, we employ a variety of advanced testing techniques to diagnose our patients quickly and conveniently. That’s one of the main reasons why HearUp is widely regarded as the best hearing aid clinic in Kolkata. Performing different diagnostic tests in a properly set up environment is vital for us.

A Wide Variety of Advanced Diagnostic Services

Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry is a qualitative and quantitative test that accurately finds out if hearing loss in a patient is present or not. During PTA tests, our Audiologists identify the patient’s auditory threshold levels using advanced audiometers inside soundproof rooms. Based on the data these devices collect, we can determine the patient’s level, degree, & type of hearing loss.

Speech Audiometry

Speech audiometry is a critical test for assessing hearing loss. In these tests, patients’ ability to perceive speech signals is tested in various ways. Our audiologists first provide patients with various speech stimuli via audiometers. Then, they identify their comfortable loudness levels.


Tympanometry is a rare, pediatric diagnostic examination that not many clinics offer. But, you can find it at HearUp, the best hearing aid clinic in Kolkata. We use this test to objectively test our patients’ middle-ear functions & the mobility of their eardrums (tympanic membrane).

Our experts also perform otoscopic examinations of our patients’ ear canals and eardrums using cutting-edge, illuminated otoscopes.

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

This painless, pediatric hearing test helps our experts determine our patients’ hearing sensitivities and abnormalities. They use click stimuli to transfer sounds into hearing nerves & brainstem pathways. Then, they check the patient’s response to the click stimuli to confirm the extent of hearing loss.

Electronystagmography (ENG)

Being a leading vestibular testing center in Howrah, we often treat patients with vestibular conditions like nystagmus. ENG is a diagnostic test that helps us record the involuntary eye movements of these patients. This test helps us determine what disorders our patients have in their inner ears (the cochlea).

ElectroCochleoGraphy (ECoG) Tests

These tests help us objectively diagnose patients with Meniere’s disease & other vertigo-related diseases. During these tests, we assess our patients’ responses to audio stimulation. We use this data to find out where our patients are on the ECOG Performance Status Scale. Our Hearing aid center in salt Lake is one of the few places in India where advanced ECoG tests are available.

The Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP Or Vsep)

We’re one of the few vestibular testing center in Howrah to offer this neurophysiological diagnosis technique. We use VEMP to determine the vestibular functions of the otolithic organs in our patients’ inner ears. These tests help us check the balance & health of all vestibular organs inside the cochlea.


The OAE test is designed to determine how well our patients’ inner ears (cochlea) work. This pediatric diagnosis test takes only 5 minutes to complete at HearUp, the most child-friendly hearing aids clinic in Kolkata. The tools we use to perform OAE tests help us accurately spot tiny, yet potentially dangerous blockages in our patients’ outer or middle ears.